Titanium Toe Rings – Anuenue Designs

Anuenue means “Rainbow” in Hawaiian.

The titanium we use is aircraft grade. It is strong as steel, light as aluminum and completely hypoallergenic. Titanium’s strength and durability is not only one of the most difficult metals to work with, but it also makes our rings extremely durable.

The color (IP) process we use to create the rainbow effect is 5 micron thick. The rainbow color is different from all angles creating a unique one of a kind toe ring.

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Anklet Sizing

Anklets are available in sizes 9″ – 11.5″

Measuring Tips:
Wrap a piece of string around your ankle at the area you’d like the anklet to be, make sure you have enough wiggle room in there for your fingers to work with the lobster clasp. Also the anklet will always fall to the lowest point so make sure you take that into consideration and then flex your foot to make sure it’s not too tight. This will allow for a proper fit and no breakage.