Toe Ring Sizing
toe rings available in sizes 2 - 6
Three methods to find your custom toe ring size:
First Method
1) Print this page.
2) Cut out the sizing strip above.
3) Wrap the sizing strip around the largest part of the toe tip in direction of the arrow.
4) Write down the size where the end of the sizing strip meets the number.
5) Wrap the sizing strip around the part of the toe where you want the ring to lay.
6) Write down the size where the end of the sizer meets the number.
Second Method
1) You will need a piece of non-stretchy dental floss and a ruler or measuring tape in mm's.
2) Measure the toe in two areas, the pad of the toe and where the ring will lay.
3) Then we will need these two measurements in mm's.
Third Method
90% of the time by taking your shoe size and dividing in half, this can be pretty accurate. It is not an exact science, but can be used to confirm the first 2 sizing methods.
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